iBooks / Kindle et al

I just finished my first entire e-book on the iPad. Having recently finished “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” on my Kindle (first gen), I was looking for something a little more mature… I grabbed “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” by Seth Grahame-Smith from the iBook store, having nearly bought the hardback a couple times.  (I am quite aware of the irony of eschewing the Kindle for the iPad, then linking to Amazon about the book).

The book was quite enjoyable. I love the mix of history and fiction. I’ve always been a fan of history, the Civil War era especially, and this twist was an interesting change from the standard history texts. No dry, boring reciting of dates here. The author did a wonderful job. While some reviewers seem to think there is too much gore, I don’t think any of it was out of line with the story or the times.

I’m not sure I like reading books on the iPad, though. There’s this bug (they’ll call it a “feature”) where you can tap on a word, and instantly search either Google or Wikipedia with a single click. This horrible little bit of code nearly doubled the amount of time it took me to read the novel. Every couple pages in the book I was back in Wikipedia. And of course Wikipedia is rife with internal links, which open so nicely without disturbing your current article, so before you know it you have five windows open, and have completely forgotten where you started. It is a nefarious plot dreamt up by Apple & Wikipedia to prevent me from ever being productive again!

I’ll edit this on a computer later and touch things up a bit (edit – done). Just have one or two more things to finish reading on Wikipedia…

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

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