In which our hero changes his blog

So, here it is. First post in a year or so, and it’s about changing this thing that I don’t ever visit. Or change. narf.  Those stupid share buttons aren’t too much, are they?  I guess I could share with myself.   Oh well.

The headline picture is from my season ticket seat for the Seattle Sounders FC.  My escape in this crazy world for now.  At least until it warms up enough to get back on the bike.  Though today would have been a great day for it.   Oh, well.   Happy zombie jesus day!   (or per recent research, happy Lich King Jesus Day).

w00tstock & stuff

Fun weekend.  w00tstock was (as I stated previously) amazing.  People keep asking what, exactly, w00tstock is/was.  Even after 3 hours AT w00tstock, I’m not 100% sure how to answer that question.  I guess “geek fest” would work.  It was an awesome experience, and I will return if/when they return.  The whole event was a blast.  It ranks up there with PAX for freeing the inner geek.

This picture does not do any justice.  If you have some time, go to YouTube, and search for w00tstock.  (helpfully linked here).  Paul & Storm were hilarious.  I must confess a limited exposure to their music prior to w00t.  Their studio  music is fun, but not nearly as good as seeing them live.  I will be buying much music in the near future.  Adam Savage was awesome.  I would pay good money to watch Mythbusters in uncensored form every season.  Make sure you tune in to the show in a few weeks, when they do the waterslide experiment.  Wil Wheaton was very Wheatonish – always fun.  Molly Lewis & her ukulele were also a sight (and sound) to behold.  If you watch anything on youtube, make sure to include Molly Lewis & the Wikipedia song and Paul & Storm’s pirate song.   Big kudos to the entire organization for releasing the performance under the creative commons.

w00tstock 2.0 - Seattle

w00tstock 2.0 - Seattle

Saturday was the Seattle Sounders game, which was…   we’ll go with disappointing.  The players knew it, the fans knew it.  It was bad.