Do the Doo…

A fun-filled weekend! Saturday, we went down to Llama park, for a round of disc golf, and picked up some new discs while we were there. Scott (I believe the guy’s name) who runs the pro-shop is an excelent player, and a very nice guy. He gave us some quick pointers while we were there. He’s been a sponsored player for 13 years! Can’t wait for this weekend to try out the discs, and the lessons!

On Sunday, we got up early, and rode over to N. Seattle for a KLR Tech Day with a fellow KLR riders from At our busiest we had about 14 KLR’s there, which was a pretty cool sight. The new tires (Avon Gripsters), and the 16-tooth front sprockets we had put on worked great. the tires are nice and quiet, and much easier to take over the metal grating on the Hood Canal Bridge. The 16-tooth sprocket dropped the freeway RPM’s a lot, and made for a quieter, smoother ride.

We had a lot of fun working on the bikes. J & I both replaced our Doo‘s. It was interesting having the side of the motor off! J’s kickstand broke when we parked on the ferry, which added a nice twist to the day. After installing a lowering-link on his KLR, we cut a section out of the kickstand, and used a piece of PVC to join the sections back together. Naturally, the PVC broke.

J’s bike hit the ground twice, once falling (unattended) off a milk crate and hitting the driveway, and once sliding down the wall while he was doing the doo.

I wish I had my camera out for the whole tech day, but no pix this time. I was pretty much covered in grease the whole day.

We’re that much closer to July, though!