28th Time’s the Charm!

So.. gonna give this one more shot. I’ve managed to copy over all the old blogs from Y!360 & MySpace, and wherever else they were. I’m movin’ on up, and staking out my claim (again) with my own domain! Yay! Of course, if you’re here, you’ve already figured that out, huh?

We both got new tires on the bikes today. (check ’em out here if you’re really that interested). They’re a nice street-oriented dual-sport tire. We had the dealer put on a slightly larger sprocket on the front as well, which has dropped the RPM’s by about 500 @ 60mph. Very nice!

I’ll throw up some pics tomorrow. We also picked up some PVC to make tool-tubes, and J. got some paint to finally paint his hand guards the right shade of red.