zombie days followed by zombie nights. not really sleeping, because I don’t really wake up. the days are the same, passing without any real notice, other than the occasional tragedy

More BS or less?

If you spend a whole day sitting on your ass doing nothing, are you
relaxing and recharging your batteries, or just being a lazy son of a

I wrote that a long time ago, and it’s been sitting on my iPot for a while. Spent a large portion of yesterday sifting through different linux settings for the router. I’ve loaded DD-WRT on it, and have it set up for the ps3 now, which is cool. We’ve become somewhat addicted to COD4:Modern Warfare online. blah blah. straight-up stress the last few days…. Constant headaches. I found a cool music site today, though, thanks to digg (or reddit?). http://www.thesixtyone.com/

pretty groovy shit, man.

We are going to buy another bike, though. Got a lead on an ’85 VF500, which needs some work, but we’re going to put it in the “shop” and try to get it sorted out before summer gets too advanced.