Turkey Day

So, as if I didn’t need to go on a diet before, we went to Shay’s for turkey day, and I proceeded to pack my face with turkey & mashed potatoes. I think I might try Kevin Smith’s shake-diet idea, and try to loose a few pounds. Stayed up until about 2am the day before making pies. I forgot one of the steps in my crust, though, and had to scrap one. Derf. Then I went a bought 9.5 inch pans when the crusts are all set up for 9 inch. And I always thought an extra 1/2 inch would be a good thing. oh, well…

I started my poor, frozen KLR this morning. Had to mess with the ignition for 3 or 4 minutes before I could get the forks to unlock, but it fired up pretty quickly. I find that I really do miss riding. The bike is underpowered, overheavy, and loud as hell, but god how I love it. It’s about time to start planning the trip to AK next year. Need to find the proper literature and some maps, and figure out exactly how long we’re going to be gone. I really really hope joe doesn’t flake out on me. { 5/28/08 edit mpd }

The only downside is that trip planning means hitting the boards again, and running the risk of becoming addicted. And now I have an iTouch to read ’em on, too. just what I needed, yeah?