birthdays – part one

Saturday evening. Without a whole lot of work, I got shay to hold off until Saturday so we could combine the girls’ birthday party with joe’s. It was pretty cool, because we actually surprised him and that is pretty rare. He was standing in her kitchen, trying to figure out why the girls’ birthday cake said “happy 23rd.”

I surprised myself, and blew a bunch of money on a ps3. “for joe” of course. Thanks to digg, I found these 20% off coupons for Kmart, so I actually got one hell of a deal on the ps3.

But the birthday party was fun. I got shays youngest this machine that launches little balls up into the air while it plays annoying music. It was a big hit with the grown ups and the kids. I sat on the ground playing with it for probably half an hour.

We got home around 1am, and then had to set up the PS3, and try it out. At least we don’t have to get up early on Sunday.