Current mood: sad

For those who do not know, our family lost a very special person this past week. In our hearts and on our minds forever, old man… God Speed…

This is for Mom:

And this is just my opinion, and what the hell do I know, but I don’t think you were chosen to suffer. I don’t think you have been tried for some past sins, or the follies of a former life. I think… No, i know, that all these amazing people that you’ve lost came in to your life for a reason. Not any sanctimonious “meant to be” or “it was their time” crap either. Your amazing talent and gift is that you are a guide. If there is a god up there, he’s not sending people to you to take them away. He’s sending the most needy and deserving to you, not for you, but for them. When i read the “footprints” story about how god “carries” people, all i can think of is you, carrying the broken, needy, and deserving souls through the toughest trials and tribulations that life can bring.

Not much comfort, I know. But I wanted you to know how I see things, how I see you. You have carried me across more beaches than god could count. Just as you did for Clyde, and Gene, and who knows many others over the years. There is more carrying to do I’m afraid. But know always that your family loves you, and we will help shoulder the burden. Of course we will. You’ve taught us very well…