One more try…

I’m still not sure what the fuck I’m supposed to write in these damn things. I have one on Yahoo, one on Myspace, and god knows how many old ones that I’ve abandoned over the years.

The one nice thing I can say about this is nobody will read it. I won’t get a note from mom in six months telling me that it’s “revealing” or “telling” or whatever the fuck she said.

I was asked tonight if I’m happy with my life right now. What a fucked up question, huh? How the fuck am I supposed to be happy? I go to work every day, do the same fucking thing. Come home at night, and watch the same fucking tv shows. Sit around on the weekend and play xbox and watch more tv. And don’t really have anyone to blame but myself. I manage to drive away anyone who gets really close to me. The one or two chances I’ve had to be happy, I’ve managed to fuck up. what the hell is wrong with me?