February 6st, 2007

February 6st, 2007

Once again I’m haunted by the empty white screen. There’s lots going on in the news, I suppose I could write about something like that. There’s the astronaut accused of kidnapping, the aqua-teen hunger force Boston bombing fiasco, the iTunes / vista compatibility issues, former NY, NY mayor Rudolph Giuliani announcing that he might announce that he intends to think about running for office, and of course the usual Pres. Bush bullshit, and the colts won the stuper-bowl. woo-freakin-hoo. (sidenote: While going back to copy links for the blog, I saw 172 banner ads, 41 porn pop-ups, and had my computer hijacked by hackers 27 times. Don’t even bother with the firewall, by reading this, the hackers have hijacked your biological computer, and are now using it for the forces of evil. ALL HAIL ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX!)

So is there REALLY anything interesting to write about? Well, I’ve discovered some new bands that I really like. Seattle’s own, Amber Pacific is awesome. There’s Jack’s Mannequin (who’s Monday concert I would have gone to if I had known they existed before lastnight). There’s Guster and Hinder. And last but not least Brit band Razorlight. I’m still in the discovery process with all of these guys, but so far I’m probably most impressed with Amber Pacific (thanks for the hint, P.P.). I still can’t believe the lead singer was a 4.0 student in high school and valedictorian of his class. How non-rockstar stereotype can you get?

I was really hoping that would take more room here. Let’s see, I’ve covered current events, new tunes on the iPod… hmm…

I could get on my for just a few minutes, and rag on the Federal Income Tax system. I could rant about how I worked my butt off last year, and I’m getting a bank-busting $32 tax return, while someone I know (who shall remain nameless, but still loved) got a $6000 + tax return for working a hell of a lot less, but having a couple kids. Hmmm.. Maybe I should go work at McDonald’s, and concentrate on popping out kids. That seems to be what our government rewards people for .

I got a chance to stop and take some more pictures today. With any luck at least one of them will turn out how I composed them in my head. It was pretty difficult, actually, as my “base” was a swamp. Figures, the one day I’m out working without my boots on. But I’ll trade wet tennis shoes (trainers if you’re a brit) for a good picture. I’ll post ’em when I get them developed.

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