January 23th, 2k7

January 23th, 2k7

Hello… My name’s Addict, and I have an iPod. uh.. I mean.. um…. My name’s iPod and I have a di…. um. that’s not going to sound right.

So this is just another part of my love affair with my iPod. The real story isn’t so much the iPod itself, or even the music. It’s iTunes. That wonderful terrible software that comes WITH the iPod. Steve Jobs quoted some computer guy in this year’s keynote address (available as a download on iTunes). He said “If you want to develop truly innovative software, you must create your own hardware.” This statement is so very true when it comes to the iPod.

The iPod itself it a beautiful little piece of engineering. Functional, easy to use, and even pleasing to look at. But iTunes is one hell of a piece of software. This brings me to my little addiction. I’ve used many programs to try to “organize” my MP3 collection, and all have failed miserably. Too clumsy, too bulky, not enough features, or just too damn hard to use. iTunes is the antithesis of all of those programs. Searching is as fast as typing. Editing your tag (the file details) is just as fast, and it will even download album covers for you.

I have thousands of MP3 audio files on my computer all of them legally ripped from CDs I used to own but which were destroyed in the tragic “dashboard” incident of ’02. I have so many audio files, I’ve turned in to an audiophile. haha. yeah, it was dumb, but it’s 1am, give me a break. So anyway, where was I? Oh… I’ve had my iPod (and hence, iTunes) since right after christmas. In that short amount of time, I’ve spent more hours than I care to count organizing and “fixing” my MP3 collection.

Something about audio files just drives me bonkers. I’m going Darwin on my whole collection, cataloging, categorizing, naming, and sorting. There is this irresistible compulsion to have everything just perfect. The artist, and title, the album, the year, the track number, the album cover. The ones that really drive me batty are all the damn “greatest hits” collections. Is this copy from the original, the re-mix, the duet, greatest hits 1, greatest hits 2? HHEELLPP.

I’m listening to music as I write this, and the urge to go back and “fix” the song I’m listening to is almost overwhelming (for proof of this, look at my LAST post. I was listening to music when I wrote it, and only managed a couple meager paragraphs).

I’m hoping that this obsession will pass when I’ve reached some level of completion, but I’m scared I might move on to Lyrics, or that dreadful little “composer” field.

Oh, if you’re looking for some sort of “why” or “whynot” or pros/cons or some crap like that, keep looking. This is just a really shallow “i’m tired” post, and they’ll be none of that here tonight.

uh, oh. I just found a whole album with the wrong release date AND album cover. damnit. I’ll be right back… I just need… to…. uh…

P.S. The picture is DUH copyright Matt Groaning and Fox and the Simpson’s and everyone in the Tibet and Guatemala but not me.