January 10th, 2k7

January 10th, 2k7
Current mood: tired
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

In the movie “Waiting,” a very nasty lady tells a waitress that the previous three times she has eaten there, the service and the food have been horrible. Sure, it’s funny in the movie, but what do you do when this happens in real life?

This forum, for instance, is a real life situation. A few people on this particular message board are constantly complaining that they are unhappy with their service. A rational mind would, at some point, give up on poor service as a lost cause and move on. These few people do not. I cannot say why, other than to speculate that maybe they are happily unhappy. They posses that certain special something by which misery is the only true path to contentment. Much like someone who would pay good money for a Chevrolet, or anyone who would attempt to date Paris Hilton.

The worst part is that I cannot even be rude to these people. I must at all times be respresentative of my company, and so I have to play nice with others. So, I just thought I would vent here, and share the misery.

Hopefully I’ll have something a bit more meaningful to post tomorrow. Goodnight, from the end of the world (P.A. WA)