January 7th, 2k7 (part duex)

January 7th, 2k7 (part duex)
Current mood: awake

So, I guess I should admit. I’m both addicted to and in love with my iPod. I know.. Materialistic. What an ass, right? But the truth is that I have always loved music, and my iPod makes it so I can enjoy my music (and movies, and pictures) on my time. I can put on my headphones and tune out the world while I read. I can even put on my headphones and listen to an audiobook if I want. So what’s the news? Why not just buy a CD player, or a less expensive MP3 player? I don’t know, honestly. I guess I was reigned in by the cult of the iPod. No, it’s not perfect. It’s not the paragon of design and innovation. But it’s pretty damn cool, and I like it a lot so there.

And yes, I’m reaching. I didn’t do crap this weekend. I sat on my ass and watched TV and read books, and listed to my iPod. Otherwise I might have something interesting to write about. I doubt it, but we can dream, yeah?

So tune in tomorrow for another daily dose of crap. Will I have some earth-shattering truth to deliver? Will I will finally reveal if there really was a second gunman on the grassy knoll? Have I probed industry insiders to find out how Bruce Campbell keeps getting work? Are Jay and Silent Bob REALLY gay, or just bi-curious? Tune in tomorrow for none of this and more!

The picture is from one of the Evil Dead films. And honestly, I really do LIKE Bruce Campbell. Of course, there’s no picture here on MySpace, because it’s more work than it’s worth. Check out http://360.yahoo.com/nxtplato if you just HAVE to see a picture.

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