January 7th, 2k7

January 7th, 2k7
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Yes, this is another cross-post from Yahoo. Deal with it.

The race goes not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. Time and chance happen to every man. (women, apparently, are immune from this particular proverb)

To paraphrase the old quote. The oldest quote I can find so far is, of course, the King James bible. (ecclesiastes 9-11) Reasonable people know that the bible is really just an ancient version of this, but anyways…

Sort of came to mind after watching the Seahawks playoff game. I’m not normally a football fan, but it’s fun to watch occasionally. Especially when the game is close, and really decided by chance as much as talent. I could go on and on about the last couple minutes of the 4th quarter, but people who really care probably watched it live, so I digress..


I was watching a Discover Channel program today, discussing how Americans are adapting to living in a state of “constant fear and paranoia.” Something I’ve heard hundreds of times, and possibly even uttered myself since the Iraqi invasion. I know, most people would have started with 9-11, but I’m much more scared of the end-run results from the Iraq and Afghanistan war than anything else.

The notion of training an entire generation of foreigners to fear and hate America is beyond frightening.

This was just floating around in the back of my mind somewhere, one more back-burnered notion. And I was flipping through channels, and came across “Blast from the Past.” So I was laughing at the stupid movie that I’ve seen before. An interesting thought occurred to me. If things are more scary and uncertain now than they were before, how come nobody is building bomb shelters? The schools aren’t showing “duck & cover” videos to the kids. I know, times have changed, and the enemy has changed. For some reason, we no longer fear a nuclear attack. We “beat” the socialists, and we’ve moved on to new enemies. Well, we beat the familiar face of the socialists, anyway. And we didn’t REALLY beat anyone. We have just been able to put the monthly grocery and gas bill on the old credit card a bit longer then they were.

Too many people miss the equation between fear and familiarity, I think. That which is familiar cannot be truly feared. A talented writer (of books, stories, screenplays, or whatever) will know to leave the bad-guy’s description vague and mysterious. That’s why, in a really good horror flick, you never actually SEE the bad guy until the end. The more concealed by shadows and fog the monster is, the more you can replace the reality with your own worst fears. This is why it was so fortunate for our defense budget we were able to move on from the old USSR, and deign a whole new walk of life as “evil.” The “evil Soviet” was becoming a cliche, and it’s pretty much always been considered fashionable for good Christians to be intolerant of Muslims.

Oh, well. dues le veult