August 18th 2006

Another wonderful day. Big congratulations to mom. She recently quit smoking after some rather urgent health issues, and we’re all really proud of her. We gave her an official “quit smoking” present today of a new 19″ LCD monitor for her computer. yay…

The picture posted with this is from Pearls Before Swine, a comic by Stephan Pastis. Before the angry mob attacks, I KNOW the picture didn’t post very well. You can see it here. It just sort of rang true, so I thought I’d throw it up there. Our society, at least here in the US, definitely seems to have reached a point where politicians are no longer affordable to the common man. Now, I know it’s the punch line and everything, but really the truest (and saddest) part is the final pane of the comic. The “What’s a Senate?” is really indicative of how little most people know about how our legal system works. There’s much more to be said on this, but I will wait for those ideas to coalesce into something tangible.

I get my new laptop back from warranty work next week! woot. With any luck that will mean more posts on more subjects. It’ll be nice to have a pc with a stable battery and a working wireless connection, so I can wake up at 3am and write. lucky you, eh?

Kudos to Wave Broadband for new channel launches this month. As of the 22nd, we’re launching:
Hallmark Movie Channel (.. 208)
Universal HD (..191)
National Geographic HD (.. 159)
TMC HD (..651)

HD good!

Okay, you caught me. If you’ve read this far, and you’ve read my other posts, you’re probably expecting some long-winded post about nothing in particular. I haven’t stumbled across anything worthy of such a post in the last day or two, so there. I’m letting a couple ideas marinate for a while, and maybe there will be something interesting up here in a day or two.

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