August 17th 2006 PARTS 1 & 2

August 17th 2006 1/2

So I had this whole long thing I was writing (I was already up to a page in MS Word) about how distracted the modern American is, but I just cant seem to find a voice for it, if that makes any sense. I had a thought, some sort of mental twitch, but I just cant seem to develop it into a coherent idea yet. Maybe some other time. Of course, it would probably help if I wasnt making dinner, watching CSI, and trying to talk to the roommate at the same time. Oh, well.

For those interested: Works good. I should hear about a promotion I applied for by tomorrow, but Im not holding my breath. I know there are several people ahead of me that are more qualified, and I like what I do now (for the most part). I’m still adjusting to being in sales. It’s a surreal experience compared to doing physical work for a living. All the same, I do like it. I like the people I work with, and I’ve got the best manager I’ve ever had.

The family is good, thought I dont see as much of them as Id like. I miss my big sister and her kids like crazy, and wish shed get her butt back up here to Washington, but Im not holding my breath for that either. I’m just going to have to hurry up and get a motorcycle so I can road trip down there for a visit, I guess.

August 17th 2006

Probably the neatest thing about this is that I really doubt anybody is reading it all the time, desperately looking for their next fix… er… that is… my next post. I’m going to look for something interesting to write about today, and maybe post a real entry tonight. I did want to take a moment and point out this site, though.. I’ve been digging around through the photos, and it’s pretty interesting. At least for someone who’s never been to NY. The site is called the Satan’s Laundromat, and yes, I found it while I was looking up how to spell ” laundromat.”

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