August 13th 2006

I’m not really sure why I started a blog. I haven’t really discovered any great topic that demands my constant attention. I have no real meaningful information or knowledge to disseminate. Just random thoughts, images, and experiences to share with the faceless masses that don’t have anything better to do than read someone else’s life story as it unfolds.
Hmm.. on second thought, I guess that’s the perfect reason to blog.

Hell, I might even have to start podcasting.

So today was the un-official celebration of my little sister’s birthday and my birthday. (Happy b-day Peanut). It started out kinda funky though, ’cause we spent the entire morning (and a good deal of the afternoon) fixing the brakes on my friends car. (hey wuff, que pasta?). Working on a car is always an adventure; especially so when you have limited tools and car in question is a Ford product. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fords, but they are not always user friendly when it comes maintenance time. A couple trips to the parts stores, several hours of labor, and much cursing later, brakes all fixed.

Having debated most of the day over a suitable destination for our “celebration,” we finally decided on a go-kart track down by Tacoma. In typical fashion, what should have been a 30 minute drive took about three times as long.

I must digress for a moment and comment that the things that people will slow down for on a limited access highway are questionable, at best. Why people must slow to a snail’s pace, and stare as they raise the new bridge deck (at a nearly imperceptible pace) will be forever beyond my grasp. If you REALLY must stare, please park your vehicle, and go watch from one of the many viewpoints. If this is truly life-altering experience, get yourself a high speed internet connection, and watch the action unfold on the DOT website.

Traffic tribulations aside, it was a really fun day. Out of the six of us there, it was a first time trip for two, and a near-rookie trip for another two. I was a bit surprised at how un-supervized the whole affair was once we were out on the track. The “pre-briefing” consisted of a 30 second speech about how they were “karts not bumper cars,” following which we got in our karts, and started blasting around the track, banging into each other like they were bumper cars. hehe. Follow up a quick 20-lap heat with a big dinner at Red Robin (with a drink or two), and you get at least one tired monkey.
(that would be me, btw)

Good knight
(not a type-o, or error in any fashion. Subtle comedy. if you don’t like it or don’t get it, you shouldn’t be reading my blog.)

Also, the picture is from a random website, found via Google’s image search. Surprisingly, some people do use Google image search for something OTHER than porn.

In the immortal words of Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes)… “I hate it when I can’t gird my loins in fuzzy animals”

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