August 6th 2006

Being that I used to have aspirations of being a writer, I have often wondered if I should start one of these blog things. I guess I’ll give it a shot, and see how long it takes before I get bored with it. Kudos to yahoo! for making the process easy.

I’m wrapping up my 3-day off birthday weekend. woot. My roommate and I took Friday & Saturday off to goof off. Joe rented a car, and we drove down to Westport, WA. We were going to go to Ocean Shores, but we’d already been there, so we decided to check out Westport instead. I really liked the beach at Westport better. It felt a lot more like an ocean should. It was pretty windy, but weather aside, it was also more fun.

*re-post from old Y!360 / MySpace Blog*