The Drive

The view from the Hood Canal Bridge this morning.

We’re getting closer to moving, which will be wonderful. I’m looking forward to reclaiming the three hours or so per work day that I spend on the road. Part of me’s a little sad, though. The drive has served as my reflection time. Three hours per work day of thought, or enjoying an audiobook or two.

Hopefully I’ll have the willpower to spend at least part of the reclaimed meditation time in a gym somewhere.


In which our hero changes his blog

So, here it is. First post in a year or so, and it’s about changing this thing that I don’t ever visit. Or change. narf.  Those stupid share buttons aren’t too much, are they?  I guess I could share with myself.   Oh well.

The headline picture is from my season ticket seat for the Seattle Sounders FC.  My escape in this crazy world for now.  At least until it warms up enough to get back on the bike.  Though today would have been a great day for it.   Oh, well.   Happy zombie jesus day!   (or per recent research, happy Lich King Jesus Day).

Sounders v. Whitecaps

Some pictures form the Sounders v. Whitecaps game at Starfire.   All the pics are on Picasa right now.  Mostly because I’m too lazy to upload them all twice.

It was a really fun game, but really cold.   By the time we left, I couldn’t feel my fingers.   Thanks to Yancy & Amy for braving the cold with us.  Let’s hope we continue to improve, and have another successful season!

Sounders v. Whitecaps

More Back Roads

48.008266 n  x  123.270781 w

I was on a drive through the back roads around home (around here if you must know).  I rounded a corner and came upon a little blue car stuck on the road.  Their bald tires and front-wheel drive couldn’t handle the snow/slush/ice on the road.  They were working on chaining up so they could continue their journey, so I returned to my truck, and backed a ways up the hill to a pull out.  While backing up I was blinded by the sun coming through the trees, and it occurred to me it might make a nice picture.  The results are below.

Mist in the Trees

Mist in the Trees

Mist in the Trees

Mist in the Trees

Mist in the Trees

Mist in the Trees

Doggie Video

Some random pictures and a shirt video of the dog, compiled into a quick video using iMovie in my iPhone. More an experiment than anything valuable. High “Awwwww” factor, though.

(it’s a QuickTime video, so you’ll need applicable plugins. Or go see it on Facebook)

Random Pictures

Just some random shots. Need to clean them up a little, especially the white balance. Transferred from the Sony directly to the iPad with the camera connect kit, which was pretty slick.

And one of the images after a little editing on the iPad. I had more, but unfortunately the app I was using (Adobe PS Express) crashed, and I lost the other edits. Now to hunt for a better app…