Green Day

It only took about 5 years, but I finally got to see Green Day in Concert.

To say that they were amazing would be an understatement.

Not to take anything away from the rest of the band, but Billie Joe Armstrong is one hell of a showman.

Not a good picture, but those are real flames up on stage. Hot enough we could feel them, and we were about 100′ away.

Green Day has mastered the art of iconography. A few basic images can really stir the emotions.

And they still play the classics.

The Bravery opened, and did a wonderful job of setting low expectations. The lead singer looked (and acted) like he was tweaking. I don’t really like them to begin with, so I may be overly critical. Meh.

Green Day came on to thunderous noise from the audience. Seattle was the first stop on the tour, and they damn near brought the house down. This is one band that really does know how to play to the audience. Garth Brooks is the only performer to come close what I saw lastnight. The showmanship was as good as I’ve ever seen. The one thing that was very impressive was the audience interaction. From something as simple as borrowing someone’s sunglasses to having audience members up on stage to sing, they were all about the show and making sure the audience had a good time. Billie Joe Armstrong even brought someone on stage to play guitar for Jesus of Suburbia, their 9+ minute anthem from American Idiot. The kid did an amazing job, and impressed not only the band, but the entire audience.

I will be going to see them as often as possible. And next time, I’ll take my GOOD camera.

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  1. Looks awesome! And Seattle is the perfect place for them to start. Maybe next time Yancy and I can join you.

    Miss seeing you. Hope we can hang next weekend if you’re in town.

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