the dumbest thing i’ve seen today

That’s a package of toilet paper in that cardboard box. why it was ordered and shipped instead of purchasing locally, well.. that’s another topic.

I’m just wondering who came to the conclusion that they had to protect the toilet paper with packing materials…


So that’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen yet today. the day is young, though.

1.7.09 – musing of the day

The snow is all gone. Now it’s raining. Flooding, actually. I feel sorry for the dog, his area is flooded, so we moved his house. I think he’s confused now.

I think this might be original to me, but it’s entirely possible it’s a quote, or part of a song I heard somewhere….

Just because you agree with something someone has to say, that doesn’t make them wise. Just because you disagree, does not make what they say a lie.

I know, right? way deep.