Cattle Drive

I went for a long solo drive in the black hills yesterday, ending at
the Crazy Horse Monument, and then Mt. Rushmore. If you ever have to
choose between the two, go to Crazy Horse! Mt. Rushmore was the most
expensive, busiest, over-commercialized park I’ve ever seen. You can
buy those four heads on any tacky, sparkley piece of Chinese plastic
you could think of. About the only thing I didn’t see was a Mt.
Rushmore condom.

Avoiding crowds was a primary goal, and I made it almost all the way
from Sundance to Hill City on dirt & gravel roads.

Flying through one of the paved sections (which were all mountian,
twisty roads) at about 60mph, I flew around a corner, only to find the
road gone. Well, not gone, but under several tons of cow. I had
stumbled across a good old-fashioned cattle drive! One of the cow-
boys (yes, real horse-riding, roping, hat wearing cowboys) asked me to
“help” by blocking a driveway, so he didn’t have to. Pretty cool, huh?

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