April 3th, 2007

April 3th, 2007

So.. I say to myself that I’m going to write. And I tell myself that I need to write. And then I don’t write. It’s like thinking about starting a diet. On the way home from Red Robin. Oh, well. There’s not really anything to report. My truck is still broken, though it should be fixed sometime soon after this payday. The personal life is still non-existent. Won’t go into the job situation. I still love my company, and that’s what counts. Though I do miss my crew from PO.

We’ve been at the new place for over a month now, and have still never hooked up the TV. It’s set up and everything and we watch movies, and play on the 360. But honestly, it’s kind of nice not having it. Weird. All in all, things are good. My little sister got a job with the company, which is cool. Everyone should have a “real” job early in life, so they can figure out what real benefits are. And she got her job on her own, NOT because we’re related. Congrats, brat.

So, life is ok. Been better, been worse, ya know. *shrug* Most days are good, some days are better, and then there are those days when you just need a shot of JD (actually, Cuervo Black is the shot of choice). But here I am preaching to the choir.

Get busy and post to your blogs people. No TV has left me somewhat thirsty in the voyeurism department

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