I’m baaack… Well, sort of.

I’m baaack… Well, sort of.

It’s been a month, according to the last dated entry in the oracle. I’ve actually had a request to post something new! Wow. Oh, dearly devoted reader, where would I be without you? But then I go look, and it’s been since February 12th since HIS last post. Oh, well. I guess we can’t all be loquacious to a fault. So, I’m going to crank up Fall Out Boy, pop open another beer, and we’ll see what appears on this blank page, no?

So what’s been new in the last month? Well, it’s been one HELL of a month! We moved from Port Orchard to Port Angeles, at the request of our dear employer. I almost lost my best friend. Twice. Long, in-depth stories. If you already know, then I don’t need to tell you. If you don’t know, you probably don’t WANT to know. Let’s just suffice to say that by “lost” I mean he almost left once, and I almost killed him the second time. Ah, friendship.

ANYWAYS….. So settling into the new job is interesting. It’s pretty much the same job, but working in a different office and with a different field staff is a challenge. The person I thought would resent me is the happiest one to have me here, and the people I thought would be helpful are… not. I’m going to leave that one there, before I talk myself into a corner. I have some great anecdotes, but they are work-related, so I’ll spare you. I still love my job. Almost as much as I love my iPod.

Hmm. What else is new in my world… My POS ford is still broken down, and still at my ex-brother-in-law’s in Ellensburg. WooHoo. I still haven’t bothered to un-pack any of my shit in the new house. I haven’t even hooked up cable to my tv, yet. We watch a lot of movies. My “love” life is non existent. I’m discovering that in times of stress I actually can tolerate the taste of some beers, so I’ve got that going for me. Our family crest doesn’t say “fuck-it, I’ll be at the bar” for nothing. I suppose it would sound a lot classier in latin or something. But classy just isn’t our style.

I think the coolest thing about moving to PA is our new super-crappy house. It’s a drafty POS that’s way too big for us, but it’s also one of TWO houses on the street. So it’s almost midnight, and I have my music cranked up, and I don’t give a shit. NO NEIGHBORS. (we’re close to Canada again, so I’ll translate. NO NEIGHBOURS).

But I’m at my limit. I can’t really think of much more to contribute for now, so I’ll see ya again real soon.