January 16th, 2k7

January 16th, 2k7

Another night, another blank screen waiting to be filled. Sometimes I feel like this is part of some horrible sleep deprivation experiment. I guess I could just write earlier in the day. Ha. Who am I kidding? I write late in the night – early in the morning depending on one’s point of view – because it’s my “quiet” time. I can pop in my headphones, and only get interrupted two or three times, as opposed to the hundreds of times I get bugged when everyone is still awake. Besides, night time just seems to be the right time to compose one’s thoughts for the day.

Anywho.. What to write about? I could regurgitate some news, but that’s kind of boring. There isn’t much I could post here that hasn’t already been covered in depth elsewhere. Castro is sick, we’re supposed to get snow on Tuesday, and there was a pretty major wreck on Mile Hill Dr in Port Orchard that closed the road for a while. Everyone up to speed now? I’ll nevert understand how there are so many 24 hour news networks.

Oh, well. I’ve now become completely sidtracked, as I often do. Thus is the nature of the internet age. The whole world is using the w.w.w. to develop a terminal case of a.d.d.

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