January 15th, 2k7

January 15th, 2k7
Current mood: thoughtful

The house (okay, apartment) is quiet. Except for the babble of my constant companion, the TV. My roommates have crashed, already asleep. I should be too, really. Work comes too damn early in the morning. It doesn’t matter WHAT time it comes. It’s Monday, therefor work comes too damn early. I wish I could just flip a switch and shut the brain off. Crash into a blissful dreamless sleep.

Lately, my brain doesn’t even shut down when I sleep. Strange dreams, weird images only half-remembered when I wake up. I’m sure it’s the damn Stephen King books. Maybe it’s just my tormented genius coming through. Sigmund Freud said “ dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” Maybe it’s the violent video games and TV. Of course, the only thing I watch with any violence in it lately is the news; usually reporting on how violent video games are corrupting the youth. Of course, these “human interest” stories are interspersed with war footage. But anyway…

We went to the DaVinci exhibit at the Museum of Flight over the weekend. What a truly incredible person. The caliber of any one of Leonardo’s abilities would have been enough to seal his place in history. The fact that he did so many things so incredibly well is nothing short of amazing. I love the fact that he wrote left handed AND backwards. That’s almost as cool as him thinking the moon was covered in water. Although I only think the moon/water thing’s cool because it shows a bit of humanity in amongst the scary-level genius.

Speaking of geniuses… My good friend and most loyal reader has decided to re-enter the blogosphere. And yes it physically HURTS ME to write that word. So here’s to beowuff, and his blog and his pages. It will be nice to have something to read. Maybe even help me fill my daily quota. And after a week or two, I should be an expert on the subject of Italian motorcycles, which is a nice plus.

Oh, and I also watched the entire Steve Jobs Macworld Keynote Address. Pretty cool stuff, if you’re a geek, or have ever aspired to geekdom.

While I’m on the topic of geekdom, I’d like take a moment to publicly eat a piece of humble pie. I’ve long been somewhat a detractor of the MySpace world. Not your typical naysayer, mind you. I’m not afraid some child is going to get stolen from his/her mother’s bosom by a wayward demon who was a “really quiet neighbor.” I just think these kind of sites are a horrible waste of time. None the less, I created a blank MySpace page a while back, and have checked in from time to time, mindlessly grazing the detritus.

In the past month or so, several “ghosts” from my past have found me on MySpace, and it’s been wonderful getting back in touch with my long-lost friends. With the help of MySpace.com, they have taken the time and made the effort to contact me, and help correct my mistake of letting them slip away. So, Thank you MySpace. My blog has been (and will continue to be) cross-posted between Yahoo360 and MySpace.

So… Until it’s not today anymore… Goodnight

P.S. The image is a total rip off from AllPosters.com. If Anyone from AllPosters.com is reading this, please don’t sue me.